“I loved it! Couldn’t put it down! Really related to Just Longing To Be Me Again and Laying My Past to Rest (which was very creative). The poems about your Mum, Dad and cousin had me feeling every word. It takes strength and courage to vocalize your truth. You should be proud of yourself. – Lisa Hunte

“Just read your book cover to cover. You should have put a warning on the front ‘may need tissues’. I wish I could have helped you back then. You were so brave, never letting the pain show. I hope the book has been cathartic for you. I’m so very proud of you and the man you have become. So inspirational.” – Suzi Girdler-Brown

“I find your poems very accessible. I like that they are raw and you are brutally honest about how you felt about stuff.  All of them are great but the  ones that touch me the most are 1983, the one about your dad, wife and daughter. I will definitely be revisiting your poems. Well done! Thank you for sharing your heart!  ❤❤❤” – Enocia Joseph, Writer/Blogger

“The honesty in this book shocked me with the inspiration to open up more in my poetry regardless of how I’m seen, but by how fearlessly I see and share myself through words. Look deeper. Do the hard thing. Positive Vibes.” – Rhael ‘LionHeart’ Cape, Poet/Writer


“Kamran is an excellent writer, and very forward-thinking with the artists and subjects he’s been covering for MOBO.com; he’s not one to follow the mould. He’s a brilliant self-editor too, and very adaptable – and able to pull editorial out of the bag pretty much on demand. I love reading his culture-infused writing on RnB music, and the way it intertwines with his own heritage.” – Natalie Shaw, Former Digital Editor of MOBO Awards website

“Kamran has a great gift for composition when it comes to communicating an event, and art or a moment. He helped a fellow musician, Esther Sparks, with a fantastic review and he’s extremely passionate about his work and his family. He speaks from the heart.” – Tim Hemphill, Chief Financial Officer at New Orleans Business Alliance

“It’s been a pleasure to watch Kamran’s list of accolades grow throughout the years, he’s a valuable asset to any sector within the media industry. If you desire a conscientious, energetic employee with effortless zeal and passion for all things creative, this is your guy. Kamran is inspiration personified.” – Karen Nyame-Gyamfi, Broadcast Media Professional | Journalist | Music Producer

“Kamran is a joy to have around! As well as being a passionate, hard-working and motivating person who was willing to dig-in and help out with all manner of tasks, Kamran is also an energetic, fun and supportive colleague to have in the office. A truly talented individual with passion for writing, marketing and music.” – Rachel Taylor, ex-Marketing Campaigns Assistant, Barbican Centre 

“Kamran’s section KamRandoms is an ingenious display of his miscellaneous talent.” – Randy Lewis, CEO of Da Boost Enterprises 

“Kamran has been an excellent intern, fizzing with enthusiasm and an obvious love of music, he has been very efficient, professional and quick to pick things up. I’d recommend Kamran to any prospective employer.” – Robert Wood, Marketing Director – International, EMI Music

“Kamran is the kind of energetic spirit you want in your office. He has acquired a lot of experience in marketing music and multidisciplinary events whilst working at the Barbican, and has a real passion for spoken word and music.” – Matteo Plachesi, Marketing Campaigns Executive (Contemporary Music), Barbican Centre

“Kamran is a passionate and positive employee who was always willing to help out and collaborate with the various tasks in the Marketing department. His vibrant personality helped maintain team morale and although working in extremely busy environment, I never saw him act unprofessionally. He integrated himself into the team very quickly and always took time out to teach and support others. He is a very creative and talented individual and a pleasure to work with.” – Natasha Anderson, Special Projects Officer – Marketing, Barbican Centre

“I worked with Kamran in the Barbican Centre’s marketing department and found him to be a motivated, hard-working and supportive colleague and member of the team.” – Colette Auer, ex-Theatre Marketing Intern, Barbican Centre

“You’re in luck if you’ve landed on this young man’s profile and you’re considering hiring him. This is because you’re getting a hard-working, strong-willed, knowledgeable gentleman with a character so infectious that he will charm anyone whom he meets. Kamran was an unexpected present when he joined Nupé, firstly because he got hold of us and secondly he because I doubt there is anyone at Nupe Mag that works as hard as him. But to label Kamran as a grafter would be to do him a disservice as he is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with. He has a certain je ne sais quoi that words can’t describe. The aspect of Kamran or the ‘Kamminator’ as I affectionately like to call him is his work-ethic. He carries out Nupé Mag work – which can be a lot at times – with no complaints, at the same time as juggling two other jobs/internships if not more! This guy is full of transferable skills that set him apart from others. Kamran Assadi is a great man and if you ever consider him for a job and decide not to hire him, I suggest you get a second opinion because he’s a star.” – TJ Morgan, Director, Nupé

“Focused! Dedicated! Talented! Funny! Caring! This is what I would say about Kamran. He is one of the most talented guys I know who is willing to try anything and give anything a go once. We all know one of Kamran’s main passions is Poetry and he never fails to impress us with his words… Kamran is like a chameleon – he can adapt to any situation and in any industry. I would definitely recommend Kamran for any project he puts himself forward for – or for any company, organisation or individual that approaches Kamran. Definitely someone I’ve enjoyed working with and I hope to work with more in the future.” – Hanieh Chehrehnegari, Owner, SpeakersKey

“I hired Kamran to help with both marketing and customer liaison on a performance event I was producing. He was charming, efficient, reliable and highly skilled. I would not hesitate in recommending him.” – Naomi Woodis, Poet & Photographer (hired me as a Marketing and Events Freelancer)

“Kamran is a creative and talented individual, he is an amazing poet, with the ability to hold and engage the attention of audiences with his insight and truth. Kamran brings a passion, an authentic point of view to his work, he is able to draw out the best in others. Kamran has a sense of fun that is simply contagious. As Poetry Editor he has been able to stamp his unique awareness as an artist, and loves nothing more than promoting the works of new and established poets.” – Leah Longville, Career Transition Consultant, Leah Longville Redundancy Outplacement & Training Ltd

“Kamran is a young man who I highly admire. A few years ago he came onto a short film programme EWAV delivered and showed tenacity and perseverance in his learning and ability to engage into different skills he never tried before. I knew Kamran would go onto greater heights due to the fact he has strong self belief which is vital in becoming a success. I see Kamran achieving all his life desires in media, marketing and his passion poetry.” – Lola Atkins, Owner, EWAV Works

“I met Kamran in 2004 while working at ACTV. He was at the time producing and developing our African News programmes. He succeeded and Kamran has been one of the most interesting, creative and successful components. I extremely enjoyed working alongside such a passionate and professional person such as Kamran.” – Kasa Spragg (Former PA- Marketing & Production Assistant, ACTV – African and Caribbean Television)

“Enthusiastic! Honest! and Driven!” – Sophia Norris, PR Officer and Production Manager, Sister Films (Spectre Films)


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