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We Plug Good Music

The wonderful people at We Plug Good Music run an amazing fun-filled music and entertainment website keeping everyone updated on the newness in those worlds. I know the founder of the website (Ayo) very well as I’ve previously worked with him in terms of giving his clients some PR for the online outlets I write for.

In random passing, I had just recently listened to the 2014 album from Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once. I do love Pop music when it is done very well and this album was pretty impressive and surprising in terms of Kylie’s artistry and choice of songs and I couldn’t stop myself telling people about it. So in doing that, I caught Ayo’s ear and he wanted me to do a special album review about it for the website. I couldn’t refuse as I do love a bit of Kylie (I got converted when seeing her some years back at the O2).

The rest they say is history! I’m just happy to get my words out there talking about different types of music I love!

“This month brings with it a new album Kiss Me Once from one of Pop’s favourite and most-respected singers, Aussie princess and current The Voice UK judge – Kylie Minogue. Since the release of her last album Aphrodite, things have changed a lot behind the scenes in her own career. Getting rid of her long-standing management to join the very hip Roc Nation management roster as well as taking on new producers and songwriters to collaborate with, on this new album – it’s been a sea of change for Kylie.”
Click here to view the full review…


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