Articles: Urban Bards

I was given the opportunity by renowned journalist Kieran Yates (The Guardian, Independent etc) to write for her poetry blog Urban Bards. Firstly, she published one of my poems about the riots called Moment of Clarity which I was really happy about. And then my interview with the Point Blank Poets poetry collective was also published on the site.

You can read these articles below…

More Poems in Response to the Riots… (Moment of Clarity)
Click here to view the full article…

An Interview with Point Blank Poets
“This year has definitely been a mighty achievement for poetry and spoken word hitting the mainstream world in a big way. I feel it is the need to highlight a beautifully talented poetry collective by the name of Point Blank Poets. This is because they are a group of creatives (poets, playwrights and the like) who came together a couple of years ago to respond to social issues and to broaden poetry out from the conventional spaces it tends to inhibit.”
Click here to view the full article…


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