Biography: Ambitian (2014)

Music is all about creating moods and feelings. The best artists get into the field to create special emotive moments. This is what London-based DJ/Producer Ambitian stands for. Having started out his production career in Munich, Ambitian (real name Sebastian) found a truly eclectic range of sounds to push him and his sound forward in London, where he is based now. The multi-faceted scene adheres itself to his wide-ranging musical tastes.

In a time where the pop industry focused on breeding service providers, rather than diversity – Ambitian has used this and turned the focus back on the music and the moments it can create in us. Influenced by Hip-Hop, R&B and Neo-Soul, his ability to find soul and heart in all his productions whether via the vocals or the beat is unrivalled. His own influences blend subtle but hypnotizing grooves that stem from artists such as J Dilla and D’Angelo, together with jacking house tunes. This background coupled with his passion for Deep House, House, Garage and Electronic Soul (Electronic music with soulful vocals), has given him the ability to create House productions with Neo-Soul tendencies within it. Some might call it Neo-House.

His creative journey has taken him from drumming to sound-design and audio engineering for movies to production, and those nuances of atmosphere, melody, beat-making and warmth that he has learnt along the way – have allowed him to excel in his productive art. Combining these qualities when the bass in a track is hitting as hard as it gets, is a trick not many producers can pull off. Yet, this is one of Ambitian’s strengths. His sensibility to combine emotional moments of real soulful R&B records, with the cheeky vibe of a true 4-to-the-Floor club tune is absorbingly captivating. Like an artist, he adds such subtle detailed strokes to make the bigger picture come together in a more colourful way. Each time you listen, you hear and notice a different detail that is astounding.

Waiting can be a tiring process. Yet, timing is everything. The wait is over because things just got interesting and unconventional – Ambitian has arrived.

© Kamran Assadi


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