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The Voice Newspaper

In 2013, one of the most personal opinion pieces that I had ever written was born. Although it was written in late 2012, I wanted to find a suitable home for the article as it talked about multiculturalism in society, my observations and of me being of mixed-heritage.

I networked and talked to The Voice newspaper (which is the UK’s biggest national ethnic newspaper) and their Online Editor, Dionne Grant. I pitched this article idea to her and sent it through, and she was more than happy to put up this poignant piece on the website under the Opinion section.

This was an absolute dream come true for me as I had grown up reading this newspaper in my childhood to this present day, so to even have my work featured on their website and affiliated with such a mighty brand is just an amazing feeling of accomplishment for me.

‘Why Isn’t Multiculturalism Accepted In Society Nowadays?’
“I BELIEVE society and the environment you live in can alter your opinions and the way you view life. Stereotypes can alter our thinking towards different religions, sexualities and ethnicities amongst other things. I think it is fair to say we’ve all been there and I can only talk about this from my personal experience.”
Click here to view the full article…


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