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I was a Music Reviews Writer for the popular music blog SoulCulture from November 2009 to January 2010, where I had the following articles published.

It was a real pleasure working with the team and moving forward after my music writing job at The Guestlist Network, knowing that my music journalism was still good enough to be published elsewhere and that my writing was improving each time I wrote for SoulCulture.

ALBUM REVIEW: Melanie Fiona – The Bridge
“New Canadian/Caribbean R&B/Soul singer songwriter Melanie Fiona has delivered a wonderful debut album called The Bridge. On it, she reveals countless sides of her personality. She is strong, sexy, contemplative, and joyous. On this album, she uses a variety of different musical styles with an authentic old school yet modern feel to it. It’s a mixture of Soul, R&B, Neo-Soul, and Reggae, all influenced by Pop music.”
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Soweto Kinch’s London Launch for War In A Rack EP [Event Review]
“Being a Hip Hop MC and a saxophone player, Soweto Kinch has tried to bridge the gap between the Hip Hop and jazz genres to create his own unique sound for both types of audiences. Held last Sunday at Richmix in Shoreditch, London, this launch event was a showcase of his talent and ability to reach his target demographic whilst still aiming to bring in new fans to his music with samples from his new EP, War In A Rack.”
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UK Soul Jam with CK Gospel Choir (Event Review)
“The UK Soul Jam Christmas Special took place at London’s Jazz Cafe on December 6th. To tell the truth, I hadn’t heard of this event before and I was looking forward to this experience with excitement and anticipation. I really appreciate the fact that events like this, which proudly promote new and established talent, can happen.
The playful banter of co-hosts Harlano and Adeola Ranson [from the headlining CK Gospel Choir, kept the audience’s attention as well as getting them involved in the concert, before getting this soulful showcase off to a cracking start with a tender, laid back rendition of Bill Withers‘ “Lovely Day”. This set the mood for the entire gig.”
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