Articles: Mixed Up Messed Up

I recently was approached by a website (Mixed Up Messed Up) that focuses on mixed identity and multiculturalism to write about my own background for a project called Put It In A Frame, where I placed in a frame the most important items that make up my identity, heritage and background. Please see below my mixed identity frame and the story behind each item included. Thank you Nora Fakim for asking me to do this – it was such a pleasure!


Put It In A Frame: How the Lack of Men in My Life Shaped Me…
“This unique frame of mine represents the most important facets of me and my mixed identity whilst also eluding to new identities I’ve acquired. In this frame, I have very important things that make my background. There is the photo album I grew up with in my household in North London (Archway) – the album is opened out on the pages where there are images of my mum holding me as a baby and my dad holding me as a baby, spending their individual time bonding with me. My mother and father were married and deeply in love.”
Click here to view the full article…


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