Press: Felicia – Fame or Juliet

As artists and creative people, it is of importance to be socially aware of current news and developments and if we are inspired to express an opinion about an event in a creative manner, it is best to do so and it should be encouraged. When unnecessary things happen to people or their families, it can create a domino effect and affect so many more people than we can imagine. In terms of the latter point of the domino effect and people being affected, the same can go for music and in particular, songs. Boston-based Hip-Hop group Fame or Juliet are a trio of 19 year old guys – Caleb, Jeremias and J Forte – who truly believe in showing a mirror against strong issues and giving a conscious motivational commentary on them.

Having seen a news item about a young student called Felicia Garcia from New York who was suffering silently with being bullied and due to this, committed suicide to stop it once and for all – Fame or Juliet truly related to this unfortunate story and were so inspired by this case that they decided to write a song about the issue of teen suicide and dedicate it to her.

The simple effectively titled track ‘Felicia’ is a poignant well-thought out respectful tribute to Felicia Garcia and a cry for help to anyone who is and has suffered with bullying. Its rhythmic marching band beat offers a subtlety to the track and the issues behind it to lend the listener’s ear to cling onto every word and listen to the story of what is being expressed. It gives an understated beauty to the track, and coupled with the looped vocal chorus, allows you to feel the emotions of what bullying can do and how it can lead to the lesser-known childhood issue of teen bullying.

What truly makes this a must-hear standout track is the ability of Fame or Juliet as unique storytellers and the believable characterisation of Felicia and people who are or have been in this situation. The group understand the energy behind the song and the topic, and know when to hold their energy back in an effective “Less is More” manner. It’s a call out to young people to speak up against any injustice, prejudice, wrongful doing and bullying that they may be dealing with. It’s a song reaching out to other young people who might be feeling like how Felicia felt before committing suicide, and it’s also a massive warning about the path victims of bullying can go down.

Fame or Juliet hope that the song’s message of there always being someone out there to help you in these instances, will not fall on deaf ears and will save peoples’ lives – they want every young person to hear it and warn others against the dangers of bullying and the issue of teen suicide. They feel that young people need to ask for help no matter what – regardless of embarrassment and other feelings.

If you’re a fan of touching music that moves you to act and do something, then you need to listen to this track and join in this movement raising awareness of the tragic issue of teen suicide.




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