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Once finding out that I was going to be a father, a lot of overwhelming emotions about being a good dad and the issues/topics I would have to deal with, flooded my head on a daily basis. After being encouraged by G.R.E.Ed.S to document my experiences for Daddy Diaries, DadzClub saw one of my articles on the site which really impressed them, and they asked me to write a guest post for them.

The rest they say is history…

“As a first-time father to my 3 month old daughter Lily, I am naturally trying to find my feet on various issues and topics that arise within parenthood. The fact that my first child is a female throws all my previous opinions and values about raising a daughter – into a cloud of confusion and disarray. I’ve talked with my guy friends and them with me about how we would teach our kids and how we would discipline them, especially in terms of bringing up a daughter. We all think we know what’s best but parents will naturally make mistakes – however amazing we think the rules we make to guide our child in the right way, may be.”
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