Biography: Tneek


Creativity hasn’t left Teneeka James’ side and along with her spirituality and Christian faith, it has been her strength in the triumphs and tribulations of her career and craft. Teneeka (aka Tneek) and her love of music – in particular, rapping – was birthed from a young age when listening to influential female rappers of her time who broke the mould and put their own individual stamp on the game. These artists gave her the courage and confidence to do the same from her angle.

From seeing early glimpses of her gift, she was encouraged by her musical family to keep flourishing with her rapping and to hone it to the best of her ability. Naturally over time, her artistry developed. Performing with her younger brother to Christian audiences at various gospel concerts and local church events allowed Tneek to be comfortable with the art of performance and artistic expression.  This progression of her talent was noticed as urban collective SoundBwoy Ent. asked her to join them. This resulted in Tneek appearing on three tracks (‘Dem Nah Betta Dan We’‘Temptation – Say No’ and ‘Dance 2 Dis’) on their first mix CD ‘Ill Hype’ and performed these around the UK on the secular music circuit.

Tneek knew that her God-given talent warranted and deserved more. After finishing her university degree in Business Management, she decided to obtain a university diploma in Music and Media Management to gain experience and an insight into the music world and the skills needed to proceed. Tneek took advantage of this and carved out her solo career with invitations to perform at renowned music venues/events on the circuit like the Royal Festival HallTrafalgar SquareNotting Hill CarnivalI Luv LiveHackney Empire and The Sunday Show.

Using her tenacity and opportunism, Tneek delved into making new material to capture her artistic essence and contagious energy. It was those qualities that nabbed her big artist features with prominent established urban acts such as Chip (formerly Chipmunk), ScorcherWretch 32Double S (Marvell)FugativeShaun Emmanuel and Artcha. She then released her first mixtape ‘Music is Me’ as an introduction to the game. Seeing her star rise because of her obvious talent, Tneek was asked to feature in some music videos including Casso Blax’s UK All-Stars remix of his underground hit ‘Why You Clocking My Face’ (featuring Dot RottenBlack The RipperG FrshFlirta DBoya D and Saskilla) and the Drum & Bass remix on Taner Hassan’s track ‘My Space’. After some of these videos gained constant video airplay on the well-liked music TV channels, Flava TV and Channel AKA – there was an anticipation for Tneek to release more of her own body of work. So, Tneek decided to work on the release ‘No Implants, No Facelifts’ which had the lead collaborative single/video ‘Knock Knock’ with Drassick. However, this mixtape was never released.

After many personal life-changing events, Tneek grew apart from the project and decided against releasing it as she felt the content didn’t represent her opinions of life and beliefs at that time. Instead, she re-dedicated her life to God and decided to follow the Christian faith with a fresh slate. With all her career developments and the guaranteed success she would’ve gained in the secular scene had she carried on, it was a painfully difficult but necessary decision for Tneek to make.

With Tneek’s faith at its strongest, things were being done with a new verve and vision based on her new life and belief system. Tneek started to think of herself as more than a rapper and as more of a budding entrepreneur and positive female role model. This new thinking got her actively involved with her church supporting her husband in aiding its youth department and giving back to others by mentoring some of its young ladies. Because of her aim to be a positive role model to females as she feels they are under-populated, she now supports a not-for-profit organisation called GirlTalk.

This vigour has renewed Tneek to get creative again with her music as she is currently working on a project and has also had her music featured on gospel radio station, Premier Gospel, when appearing on The Hip-Hop Sessions show with the musical trailblazers Karl Nova and Triple O.

Tneek also co-founded the idea of creating a positive Christian movement called UK Gospel Hype. This movement endeavours to ‘Bridge the gap between the church and the streets’ through entertainment, nightlife, events and other innovative facets. Tneek has seen her purpose and is setting the foundation for fulfilling it as best as she can for God’s glory.

“God Business is the Best Business…” 

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