Biography: Suli Breaks



When it comes to informing people of the power of your mind and unlocking your creative potential through the medium of spoken word, two words describe one of its urban wordsmith prophets – Suli Breaks.

Suli Breaks is an accomplished spoken word poet who has achieved so much with his poetry since starting his mission on the mainstream circuit in 2009. Over the past three years, he has captivated wide-ranging audiences and peers alike with his phenomenal wordplay incorporating witty puns, cutting metaphors, and stark and brutally honest observations and perceptions of life whilst still using his poetic gift to educate young people about London culture and the constant issues that we all face. He doesn’t shy away from the controversial topics like knife crime (on R.I.P) and prejudices against dark-skinned girls in the black culture (on For Colored Girls), but doesn’t mind being funny and enlightening on poetic analogies (on Why Women Like the Toilet Seat). Without sounding cliché regardless of the subject, he makes us sit up with our ears pricked up hanging onto every syllable he laces us with because of the quality of his lyrical content.

Suli has been hailed by many high-profile people (in particular Lennox Lewis plus the Co-Founder of the popular American Def Poetry Jam show, Bruce George) to be a poetry pioneer of the new school as well as constantly being considered to be in the upper echelon of the current generation of poets taking the UK and (especially in Suli’s case) the world by storm. His poems and poetry videos have graced many media outlets alike including urban magazine staple Flavour Magazine, national ethnic newspaper The Voice, mainstream UK TV channel BBC One’s London News, Sky TV channels Vox Africa and the Community Channel, leading American urban websites WorldStarHipHop, ConcreteLoop, and Bossip, and numerous online websites and blogs.

The extraordinary thing is that Suli Breaks never limits himself to doing things in the conventional way – he is always looking at different ways to communicate to and enrich his audience. He uses his poetry to bridge gaps in the multicultural society we live in today. His poetry is something that needs to be seen and watched to understand the potent delivery and creativity that goes into his work. His words bring poetry to life and this can be seen on a global scale now thanks to his dynamic YouTube channel. With this channel, he engages his audience by showcasing his poetry through different videos, topics and tutorials. It’s bitesize and digestible as he has split his videos into separate playlists which include film documentary projects/assignments outside of poetry, seminars (where he performs a poem of varying styles, natures and topics), live performances from gigs, and video poems and lectures from his expressive offering The University of Suli Breaks as well as showcasing some of the poetry students who are a part of it. His videos generate debate and opinion regardless of the theme and his video channel has generated over 3,200,000 video views so far.

His venture The University of Suli Breaks is there to teach deep lessons and enhance people’s lives by inspiring minds and not just filling their head with content through their use of video tutorials, lectures and seminars. As their motto says “Your mind is your campus, learn to educate yourself before you look for someone else to do it for you”. He wants to enlighten his generation and give them a well-rounded view of life through his poetry.

Just like the title of his poetry DVD says Poetry is Kool and we all have Mr Suli Breaks to blame for that fact! He has paved a way for more talented poets to come through and whether you like or not, he will change your notion of poetry as you currently know it!


14 comments on “Biography: Suli Breaks

  1. suli breaks is the best poet I have hard so far. I WOULD WISH TO KNOW ABOUT HIS LIFE, fom child hood until now and when did he,find his path ot success…. i like suli breaks. his cool and i am mtivated by his words… actually his spokn words

  2. Yah Suli you are realy inspiring bro…the perpose is not jst 2 rgargetate smbdyelse opinions bt 2 inspire our mnd nd tke thse 4rm me coz ama educate myslf….bro 4 evry auditary 4 ur poem thrz Ellumination upon smbdyels lyf…peace

  3. He’s extremely gorgeous!!!#Love letter to an Angel,Why I hate school but love Education,I will not let exam results decide my fate and been poor is the root of all evil…..#this guy is an inspirational

  4. Our brains are capable of doing things we don’t know,Suli breaks motivated me by enlighteng me that “we know more than we think we know,we should never underestimate our self”

  5. Suli Breaks, Awesome guy.

    I’ll not rely on the grades in schooling, I’ll rather rely on the knowledge in (proper) Education.


    I’ll not let exam result decide my fate, whether 40 or 68, 70 or 88. Just remember me as Suli Breaks.

    Suli Breaks

    Suli is an inspiration, we have the same belief system.. Having to wake up daily to do what some else wants is a trap.

    Short Illustration.

    Go to school
    Get trained to be an employee
    Graduate and search for a company to employ you(a job)
    Work for years, and retire

    Have you lived your dreams? ?

  6. Suli breaks is the william shakespare of contemporary literature in the poetic arena. Mr suli, you inspire the youth by tackling those issue that culminate in our day to day lives. Big up!!!!!!!

  7. Wow!! suli has changed my life, he is a true inspiration, I now wake up eveyday with a goal , he has made me realise the potential of achieving my dreams. From the very first moment I watched his video its like I want to hear more of him. I search everyday for his videos because I long to hear words that’s gona motivate me . Wow!! Thank God for your soul which transforms young people’s lives out there. He should have a tv show of spoken word so that more young people could know him and hear him , I think he should become one of the future presidents.


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