Biography: Fame or Juliet


Young Hip-Hop fans have suffered a lack leadership of fresh new talented blood in their genre for quite a while, especially in terms of eclectic Hip-Hop groups who are willing to breathe new life into the genre and push the genre creatively forward into a positive contemporary relevant direction. One such group that is taking this notion and epitomising it in all ways is Boston-based Hip-Hop three-piece group Fame or Juliet. Fame or Juliet pride themselves on being the new ambassadors and leaders for the young generation lending a much-needed voice for them, in a similar way to how A Tribe Called Quest were in their heyday.

This young group, who have known each other since they were all 8 years old, consists of a 19-year-old producer J.Forte, 19-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter Caleb and 19-year-old rapper/songwriter/poet Jeremias. Their music is similar in sound and content to Platinum-selling groups Outkast, Black Eyed Peas, and A Tribe Called Quest. Fame or Juliet’s sound is eclectic and universal. They use their talents for good to carve out memorable stories of positivity and honesty through their lyrical content using their productions as a subtle soundbed to enhance their words and the atmosphere in which these words exist.

Fame or Juliet are as real as you can get and are the Next Big Thing in Hip-Hop. They have the ability to turn the genre back into what it originally started out as – a conscious commentary detailing various hard-hitting issues and stories of hardship and perseverance and turning them into inspirational tales of success and rising above it all. Their music tells of their own personal journeys of trying to make their dreams a reality regardless of the many different obstacles of life (e.g. personal tragedies, parents’ divorces, the murders of family members). Fame or Juliet truly believes in making music that touches the soul and affects the listeners to feel something or form an opinion in some way.

Having just released their debut mixtape ‘Dreams of Reality’, the collection of songs details their constant battle with being satisfied with living what is known as the “Being a statistic” or living the so called “American Dream” versus chasing their dreams and making it a reality.

Fame or Juliet’s single ‘Dreams of Reality’ is the chosen theme song for famous motivational speaker Eric Thomas and his famed Thank God Its Monday (TGIM) series. The single has so far gained a viral following online with over 100,000 YouTube views. This obvious interest in their encouraging tales of musical storytelling has transformed into some amazing opportunities for the dynamic group.

They are the headlining act for the Music Motivates Me Tour which has currently toured through 40 schools performing for over 20,000 students in Massachusetts and will continue on through the East Coast to another 60 schools through 2014. The tour has allowed Fame or Juliet to stand out and show their passionate positive message to the youth to motivate them in all they do, as well as making them well-known to their target audience. Because of this tour, their music is gaining rave reviews and plaudits from the students, principals, superintendents and various press outlets. They are inspiring and educating young people to never give up, to be successful, and to accomplish their goals and dreams. Their music is literally turning peoples’ lives around and this tour has allowed them to reach out to local communities even more through their music.

Fame or Juliet also gained the opportunity of being on the BET Networks’ 106 & Park TV show and performed their single ‘Freedom’ as well as being the opening act for well-known American rapper Mac Miller at the Boston Urban Music Festival.

With an inspirational message of motivation and making your dreams come true regardless of what’s up against you, Fame or Juliet are creating a new strand of eclectic poignant Hip-Hop. If I were you, I would listen up to what they have to say and let their music move you and touch your soul!


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