Biography: Ambitian

“I’m shocked by the quality.”

This is how BBC Radio 1Xtra’s very own Trevor Nelson showed a copious amount of respect and love to Ambitian after playing one of his productions in his show.

Maybe this quality comes from studying his craft and working his way up the ranks to become the producer he is today. Musically influenced by beat visionnaire J Dilla, as well as Sade’s agravic tunes and key-wizards such as D’Angelo and Stevie Wonder – in his native Munich, Germany, he learned the ropes of sound engineering and production when he worked as a Junior Audio Engineer at one of the most prolific recording studios in the country, being in the same room that renowned legends like Chaka Khan and Phil Collins had recorded in.

Having started out as a drummer, Ambitian promptly dipped into the hypnotic spheres of urban, edgy breaks – without the commonly known POP-phobia. “I consider myself a collector, of sounds I mean.” he says. And he is. Finely-tuned ears picking out subtle nuances and atmospheric reverberations to make his own artistic blend of clicks, synths and drums… as long as it all makes sense when it comes together.

Whether he is touching more mainstream pop sounds, hard hitting backbeats or beautiful-sounding R&B, it feels natural, laidback and diverse in the way it moves and transcends you.

During his producing career, Ambitian has honed his skills by proactively working with various artists in the music scene including Philadelphian rapper Grand Agent, Germany’s best kept MC Cronite, as well as German Top 10 lyricist Curse and Nico Suave. If only now, after R&B superstar Mario Winans and progressive R&B starlet Dawn Richard (formerly of Danity Kane and Diddy Dirty Money), had recorded over this man´s productions, Ambitian should be on your list, when it comes to making broad-minded, forward-thinking and distinctive compositions that elevate above set genres and trends.

He is streets ahead of the game and his credentials and experience certainly stand up to that statement.


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