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Having spent a fair amount of years dabbling in creative writing from starting in poetry to expanding out into online journalism writing gig/single reviews, feature articles and the like, an opportunity to write artist biographies and press releases landed on my lap courtesy of Seyi Awotunde’s company Stage Mode Media and its burgeoning Press division. An opportunity I was a little apprehensive of but one that I really couldn’t turn down. Especially after having worked so hard and spent so much time boosting up my own reputation by getting my words out there on a wider scale whilst still perfecting my craft to the highest quality. I never turn down learning another skill and perfecting it with my obvious talent.

Stage Mode Media is a modernistic entertainment platform and brand founded in 2009 by Seyi Luther Awotunde. What started out as a small screen printing t-shirt brand whereby Seyi delved into his flight of fancy, has now evolved into an ever-expanding media empire. Encompassing various creative aspects and services like piano-teaching, giving birthday celebrants ideas of places to be merry, events/production, press, and a talent management agency; Stage Mode Media is a clear illustration of a new media company aiming to be at the forefront of many aspects within this field.

This opportunity has opened my eyes and giving me more confidence as a writer and the talent I possess in selling other peoples’ talents to the outer realm. And for that, I am truly grateful.

I’ve been fortunate to write biographies for:

I have also had the pleasure of writing the following press releases:

I’ve also been actively in the field of online journalism since 2009 writing for a host of online and print outlets, covering a range of subject matter.

You can also view my published articles for the following publications by clicking the links below:

If you would like to request my writing services, then don’t hesitate to contact me.


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