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I am a firm believer of leading by example and helping the new generation rise up and be the best that they can be. I aim to do that through my work, my ethics, morals, and beliefs. My creativity and the various outlets I use to display and showcase my talents is testament to that fact. I try to pass down positivity, tips/tricks of the trade, and insightful knowledge to the younger generation to aid them in their journey as I believe we should always help each other out if we can afford to.

Even though I never had anyone officially to mentor me whilst on this journey as a young man some years ago, I have been fortunate that I have had some positive forces in my life guiding me down the right path which has led me to be a success in my own right. Through my own experience, I’ve realized how important it is to have a mentor-type figure to guide you and pass down advice to help you discover your own path whether on a personal or business angle.

So in order to benefit others and leave a legacy for the younger generation, I have decided to mentor young people. In order to make this a reality, I successfully completed a mentoring course with the organisation, Get Mentoring – for which I received a certificate recognizing my achievement and qualification. I am now also a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs as a result of this. I also completed an online course with Coursera focusing on the aspects of Positive Psychology (see below).

At this current moment to work on my ever-increasing skillset (which now includes mentoring), I mentor a young music journalist named Sope Soetan with article editing, sourcing opportunities, interview tips, and social media.

In addition to that, I have signed up in my local community in Pearland, Texas to mentor a young child from high school for a year as part of the RISE Mentoring scheme in Pearland Independent School District (ISD). I recently started working with the largest mentoring organization in Texas, Big Brothers Big Sisters, assisting them in all aspects of the recruitment, onboarding and enrollment process with their online mentoring program mentor2.0 in a couple of high schools in Houston.

What a rewarding field of work – always great to give back to others and the community! 🙂

Kamran Assadi Certificate

Mentoring Certificate


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