My love for film-making was ignited when I was given the opportunity – as a young unemployed guy living in Hackney – to apply for a free three month course in film-making and training development with a creative company called EWAV Works. I was one of the ten people chosen to be on the course and it was a beautiful eye-opening experience for me. It allowed me to get thinking and get my creative juices flowing. I learnt so much about editing, camera operating, writing film treatments, compiling a storyboard and working to tight deadlines.

The end result was my first short film called Stalker. Ever since then, I’ve never looked back.


Stalker was based off of a poem I wrote of the same name and is about a young man who wants to approach a lady and talk to her but his actions say something else. (It’s not a true story!)

Ever since I made that film, I have made three others called Bind Us Together, In The Waiting Line and Show Me Your Real Self – which you can see below.

Bind Us Together

Bind Us Together follows one happy and steady family as it is rocked by the father’s unhappiness in his marriage and the life he is leading. The mother tries everything in her power to keep it together but it all leads to an unnerving climax.

Show Me Your Real Self

Show Me Your Real Self is based on a poem I wrote based on the same name about celebrity culture, and young people’s obession with it. The poem talks about talentless celebrities giving us a facade of themselves in the public eye, but all we want for them is to be real and show us their real selves. The film follows a girl on a normal day as she goes to the shop and sees some gossip magazines…

In The Waiting Line

In The Waiting Line follows the story of one lady who is unemployed, and going through the same mundane motions of trying to find a job and not feeling like she has a purpose in life.

The Temptation Story based on the Scripture – Revelations 22 v7 (A Christian film for Easter)

This film was made and directed by Junior Lashley and I starred in it as Jesus Christ. It tells the story of when Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights fasting, and the Devil tried to tempt him. I love being a Christian and this was a lovely creative project of depth to be a part of.


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