Here are a selection of videos from my poetry performances (the ones which were filmed) over the years. I have always enjoyed pouring my heart and soul out on the stage via the page with my heartfelt and honest poetry. And after my mother’s passing, it helped me to grieve and move on from that terrible life-changing event. It made me into who I am today. I love being creative with my performances and the way I perform the words of my poems. I’m happy that God has allowed me to use this gift.

Please also check out the independent short films I have made and directed by clicking here!

Stalker (Kaleidoscope Festival)

Stalker (Spotlight Presents Round II)

Stalker (Chill Pill)

Stalker (Performance for Wize TV’s Poet Lounge)

Mirror Image (Infiniti Promotions: Poetic Justice)

Show Me Your Real Self (Kaleidoscope Festival)

Wishing on a Star (Kaleidoscope Festival)

Also, I was given the chance to be a Guest Host for a day to the April Write Collective by its founder, Angela Edgar for the 2012 April Write. The April Write is a mass poetic celebration that happens in April every year to celebrate National Poetry Day. I was allowed to write a stimulus poem for the group to write their own responses too. The topic I chose was Loss. Below, you can read the poem I wrote in this video that Angela made for the poets to write their responses from.

April Write 2012 Guest Host poem – You Lost One, A Loved One (Day 10)


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