TV / Radio / Online


I have been very blessed with having my beautiful face on TV/Radio a few times, and they’ve been for very good positive reasons whether I am talking about being a good father or talking about my writing and how influential and inspiring it has been to myself and others.

This video was broadcast on Sky TV Channel OHTV in June 2012 as part of the Father’s Day festivities. It was a short video about my opinions and thoughts of the day as a new dad as well as being a son to my father too.

Late in 2012, OHTV (Sky TV Channel 199) asked me to be a part of a segment they were filming and broadcasting on their channel called “I Am…”. The “I Am…” segment would consist of short profiles showcasing positive hard-working and talented people who are making a headway in their respective fields. Each profile would also have a short interview within it too, which would give the viewers an insight to random facts and things about us.

Here is that video featuring yours truly…


I was also given the wonderful opportunity by my friend Faith Jegede to appear on her radio show What’s In Yours on popular UK Christian radio station, Premier Gospel. I was invited to come down as a special guest to bring a bag of four items that had a personal connection to me and my Christian faith and talk openly about them whilst touching on my achievements and my background and ideas about marriage, religion, family, social media and other topics. It was a real pleasure and blessing to do this and was another one of my childhood ambitions ticked off.

Here is that audio interview…

Online & Print

Launching in 2013, NuPeople Magazine released a promotional video in the lead up to the official launch showcasing various shoots and behind the scenes footage of what they do and will be portraying in future issues. I was involved in this video as they will be doing a special issue highlighting black/mixed-race fathers and their children. My daughter (her first online debut and one of many) and I were invited down for a shoot to get some photo/visual content for this issue. And some of that footage was included in the promo video.

Here are the promo videos in which my daughter and I feature…

When NuPeople Magazine did a private press evening for the launch of the magazine, they filmed a highlights video of the evening, the guests who attended and their thoughts of the night and of the magazine and its place in the ever-increasing online media publication world. My thoughts were included in this video too.

Here is the video from their private press evening…

Here is the short promo video highlighting the content of the ‘Brothers With Daughters’ issue I was featured in…

Kamran 2 Kamran

Local music radio station Westside FM invited me down to be one of the featured panellists to review music tracks on their Westside Review radio show with regular presenters Ronell Rochester and Elle Vickery. It was so fun to do and a real laugh – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here is the highlights video from that show I featured in…


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