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Whilst working as a Marketing and Promotions intern with Carl Hill and Mike Toller on their very popular Islington club nights, Club De Fromage and Feeling Gloomy – I was given the opportunity to take photos for their newspaper and magazine ads to promote their weekly events.

The following photos below are photos I took myself for them for their adverts (and in some cases, they were made flyers) that have been published in publications such as Time Out, Metro, TNT Magazine, The London Paper, and London Lite. The fact that I’m not a photographer but was yet in the right place and right time to receive such an opportunity and getting my photography published in these publications was an ultimate blessing and another talent to add to my bow. And for that, I thank them from the bottom of my heart! (It was also good fun too!)

Club De Fromage / Feeling Gloomy Published Photos


Below are a selection of photos taken over the years in the various creative ventures I’ve been a part of….

Theatre Productions – Origin: Unknown (Young Actors Company, Theatre Royal Stratford East) & Arthur Miller’s The Crucible (Talawa Theatre Company)


Professional Headshots

Poetry (Exhibitions and Performances)




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