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Over the years, the digital realm has really come into the forefront and taken over the world with an ever-expanding life of its own. I’ve tried to tap into these new online opportunities by using these multimedia outlets for the better and to advance my own knowledge and experience of it, and also to use my own varied talents to get myself out there in a positive light. If the opportunity was good and worthy enough, then I took it.

Also, the growth of social media and the networks it uses to expand its reach amongst other things has been nothing short of phenomenal. As some who loves to experience and learn about new things – social media is something that I’ve taken the time to learn and expand on in my regular life and in my work life, especially within marketing and journalism as it is a great way to communicate with people instantly as well as network with various brands and individuals.

Below are a few example links of some of the opportunities I’ve been blessed to be a part of…