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Over the years, I have had the privilege of having my poetry published in various places online and in print. I have really enjoyed having the confidence in putting my words down on the page, and getting to perform them on stage. The fact that people relate to my issues, topics, emotions, feelings and words is an unexpected blessing but also the biggest reward for me.

It’s a beautiful feeling when people believe in you and your words and want to publish your work because of the talent and passion you have. I am really proud of the poetry I’ve written, and I have improved in my writing year on year. My writing is in a good place right now. And now I am comfortable in writing poetry whenever the feeling of inspiration takes me!

Here is a list of my published poetry thus far… Enjoy!

I’m here sitting down
Watching you
The way you look
It’s so cute
So innocent
You’re so pretty
Beauty in human form
That’s what you are
I don’t think you can notice me
I’m so shy
Trying to hide from your gaze

I’m outside your house now
Watching you
You’re at your bedroom window
Brushing your hair
I’m staring in amazement
You’re so beautiful
Oh gosh
I want to meet you
Face to face
But I’m so scared

I’m at your door now
I ring the doorbell
I wait for you
I hear you coming downstairs
To answer the door
You open the door
I run away

Will I ever have the courage to meet you?

© Kamran Assadi

Show Me Your Real Self
Tired and fed up!
Fed up of talentless people getting famous!
For what?
They have nothing!
They pretend that they do!
But they don’t!
They don’t deserve the fame!

We should look past the image and the looks
It’s all about the person inside!
Their soul
Their personality
Who they are
Not what they are
This makes them endearing!
You got to be real!
Be yourself
Show compassion to others!
Show us why we like you!
Show us how hard working you are!
Show us your real inspiration!
Show us how much you want it!
The fame
The glamour
The lifestyle
Show us the many facets of your character!
But most of all,
Show me your raw talent!
Show me your real self!

© Kamran Assadi

Moment of Clarity
Is this our moment of clarity?
Or is this the end times?
The beginning of the end,
Of times to come?

When I watch the news,
I see 95% negativity,
And 5% positivity!
We’re constantly being told of the bad.
Global warming,
Natural disasters,
They’re all a part of our lives,
They make up the vocabulary of the younger generation coming up!
It carries anger and frustration towards life and everything in it.
Is this their moment of clarity?
Or is this the end times?
The beginning of the end,
Of times to come?

How would you feel if you had something to say but you were ignored?
Would that trigger something in you?
An emotion?
A different way of thinking?
Would you do the right thing?
Or would you retaliate in the “wrong” way?

You see the death of an innocent man and a case of police brutality started off these riots.
They caused rage inside the young people,
And this is how they want to speak out.
They have united over this.
Is it wrong?
Is it right?
Yes and no!
Innocent people and businesses shouldn’t suffer,
But maybe the police should,
And that’s what happening!
All the young people need is for the police to take action,
To give them truthful answers,
They need to be heard before they stop!
They’ve been ignored and shunned for too long!
Why should they deserve this treatment?
This is one of the side-effects of the cuts!
But looting and destroying people’s properties and livelihoods?
That’s not the right way to go about it!
The true sense of the reason for all this will be lost,
Lost in a cloud of criminality that has risen!

This has gone beyond the boundaries,
It has become something idiotic!
It isn’t solving anything,
It’s not bringing Mark Duggan back!
This needs to stop!
More suffering, more problems…

So I ask again,
Is this the beginning of the end?
Of times to come?
Is this a moment of clarity?
Or is this the end times?

© Kamran Assadi

This is My Blueprint
I breathe common sense in,
Exhale negativity out,
I’m happily married,
Positivity is my spouse!
I have no fear,
Except of God’s son,
His spirit lives in me,
We’re both the holy ones!
Poetically inclined,
To open your mind,
And make creative links,
I do it for the love of it,
My heart’s the one that thinks!

I grab opportunities…
With both hands,
Deadbeat laziness I really can’t stand,
I stand tall,
In my talent I trust,
Working hard is what I do,
I don’t like to make a fuss!
Compliments I get daily like celebrity news,
Every post I write for Nupe,
Gets hundreds of page views!
Breaking records,
Setting trends,
You can watch me from the bottom,
Whilst I ascend!
Some will say I’m bragging,
I’m just being truthful,
I get the tongues wagging!
God’s my witness,
My blessings overflow,
They’re bountiful!
This I surely know!

I’ve been around the world,
But I ain’t talking about flights,
I’m talking about the experiences that I can still recite!
Wisdom and knowledge through these has been bestowed,
I pass it down to the younger generations,
Who feel it’s theirs to be owed!
My friends can’t do without me,
And me without them,
Is like the Flowerpot Men,
I’m bringing it back,
It’s Bill without Ben!

See I wasn’t always this wise,
I used to make mistakes,
I reminisce and smile,
Whilst I eat my victory cake!
I don’t let racism handcuff me,
Because police don’t be my enemy,
Me a treat them as friends – you see!

Smashing stereotypes,
Like the Greeks smash plates,
Colour used to hold me back,
But now it opens gates!
Windows, doors,
You can see inside my soul,
I let the truth be told!
Open your eyes… Behold!

I drop lyrical bombs…
With real aplomb!
Flow so fab,
I leave y’all on a cold morgue slab!
I fly higher,
Call me airborne,
It’s a new dawn,
You haters add fuel for my FIRE!

I feel sublime,
I got my fine…
American dime!
I lead by example,
Making that path for my first-born,
Poetry rap to my unborn child,
I drew the map for ’em!
I make achievements,
Like I’m running out of time,
That’s why the world is mine!
Don’t squint,
Take it all in!
This is my Blueprint!

© Kamran Assadi

You Lost One, A Loved One
I’ve had my fair share of bad news,
Heartache and pain,
I look back at the people who have caused it,
With copious disdain.

I’ve mourned a lot,
From failed relationships to the loss of loved ones,
They all leave a mark on you,
They’re like permanent stains.
I’ve banished certain family members,
Because they’re bad influences,
Their negativity has no place here.
I “Febreze” your bad odours away!
I have no time for them,
Stop trying to drag me down,
I’m not on your lower level,
I’ve already risen above you.

In terms of lost ones,
I truly miss my mother,
Because when it comes to it,
She can’t be replaced with no other.
A loss like that can’t be explained in words,
You have to feel it to know it,
It still hurts like it just happened today,
But I live to fight another day.

Losing loved ones,
Brings undeniable pain,
It’s really hard to explain,
Until you experience it.
I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

It’s always good to surround yourself with good vibes,
Positive people,
Friends/family who can pick you up when you feel down,
Eliminate those frowns.
Appreciate those loved ones,
Whilst they can still see that love you have for them.
It’s not about regretting about what you did or didn’t get a chance to say to them.
Live in the now,
Live in the present,
Because when all’s said and done,
Who can you fall back on?
Definitely not your lost loved ones!

© Kamran Assadi


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