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After Kamran’s job ended as a Theatre Supervisor at the Fortune Theatre in the West End, he was in limbo. He knew at that time that he didn’t want to have a career in Theatre Management (for various reasons especially the climate it was falling into). Now was the perfect God-given time to find what career he really wanted to pursue and be truly successful in.

Kamran went searching through his CV as well as visiting past jobs, hobbies and interests to help him find what he was happiest doing and how he could use his skills to make a career from it.
At the end of this, it came to light that a creative career in the Arts in Marketing or PR would best serve him. He went about this by openly sourcing out opportunities via networking and other means.

Kamran obtained the services of Career Transition Specialist, Leah Longville, to help him with fixing his CV and Cover Letter to enhance his career change and give him a positive state of mind.

Since then, Kamran has pushed forward in the marketing industry through his many contacts, friends and any opportunities that have been sourced either by him or by others looking out for him. Networking and not being afraid to ask for help has also helped him move forward! His skills and experience have only enhanced that.

    • Kamran has worked for poet and photographer Naomi Woodis giving digital marketing assistance for a literary event she was running.
    • Kamran has interned in the Marketing departments for performance poetry organisation Apples and Snakes and record label EMI Music
    • Kamran has worked as a Marketing Campaigns Assistant in the Contemporary Music department for one of Europe’s most diverse arts centres, the Barbican Centre
    • Kamran is currently working for Apples and Snakes as a Marketing and Projects Officer

Throughout this whole journey (which has consisted of ups and downs), Kamran has been truly blessed to have had (and still is having) the opportunities he’s been given. He has worked and networked so hard to get himself to this happy place and it is a truly exciting time for him right now. This journey has only started, only onwards and upwards from here!

He can only thank God for putting certain people in his life at those times he needed, couldn’t have done it without Him!

You can look at what other Marketing experience Kamran has by looking at his CV here.


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