KamRandoms are basically random facts that you may or may not know about Kamran and the many things he has done and the stories that come with it.

Below are some of these facts…

  • Kamran is mixed-race of Montserratian (Caribbean) and Iranian/Persian descent.
  • Whilst in university, Kamran had his own online radio show every Tuesday morning at local community radio station GFM Radio which showcased the latest sounds in R&B/Hip-Hop.
  • When working at MTV as an intern, Kamran was invited to sit in on an interview with Craig David and got to meet him. Whilst the interview was happening and being filmed, Kamran had one of the biggest and longest nosebleeds. There was no tissues around so he had to cup it and hold it in his hand until it stopped.
  • Kamran worked on the Live 8 studio show (as part of the Production Team looking after the audience members) for MTV UK called All Eyes on Tony Blair, and met Tony Blair and Bob Geldof. During a break in the recording, Kamran had to fill in as an audience member. Bob Geldof spotted him in the front row, commented on the afro he had at the time, and told Kamran that he looked like one of the guys from Boney M.
  • After performing a poem for Cherie Blair (ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair‘s wife) at a photocall for a youth event he was performing at, Cherie wanted to be next to Kamran for the photo and then proceeded to tell him a dirty joke about her “Loving it when young boys getting on their knees”.
  • Don Warrington and Cathy Tyson have both commended Kamran on his acting in terms of his real character portrayals and how he immerses himself into those characters.
  • In the each of the two plays Kamran acted in, he had a massive crush on one of the female co-stars. (These ladies know who they are!)
  • Whilst working as a Front of House Usher at the Gielgud Theatre when the play Equus was on – I was invited to go to the swanky wrap party when the play finished its impressive run.
  • Whilst ushering at Equus, I talked to JK Rowling and took her to her seat to watch the play.
  • At the wrap party, I talked to the amazing Richard Griffiths (RIP) and his wife for 30mins by myself and we shared little snacks and chips together.
  • At the same party, I talked to Harry Potter legend Daniel Radcliffe for two hours about Harry Potter, life, girls and cricket – and we also sang Barbie Girl together in a group for karaoke.
  • I have a personalised signed photo from Daniel Radcliffe.
  • When I was ten years old, I got signed autographs from Arsenal legends Ian Wright, Ray Parlour and Lee Dixon after completing a community football course with them.
  • Kamran is a major “Twitterholic” (a guy who is addicted to Twitter) and because of this addiction, he was interviewed about his Twitter use by Anna Doble from Channel 4 News, and it appeared as part of a full article on the Channel 4 News website. Click here to view the full interview
  • One of Kamran’s friends (who shall remain nameless for this instance) wanted to set up an escort agency some years ago, with Kamran as one of the top male escorts. Apparently, it was supposed to be a classy agency where the escorts didn’t have sex with the clients, more like a companion service for lonely single people. I suppose it’s a compliment!
  • When Kamran was 15 years of age, he was approached twice (once by his regular barber at his house whilst trying to purchase a phone, and once by a random stranger who approached him on road with an unlimited amount of porn) to conduct in oral sex acts with both men on separate occasions – the stranger wanted to pay Kamran hundreds of pounds to give him head. #NotCool #KamRejectedThemBoth #PlainWrong #Underage
  • I constantly get Retweets/Favourites from Missy Elliott, Teedra Moses, Amplify Dot and other famous people on Twitter.
  • When interviewing Amplify Dot for the MOBO website, she said she loved my handwriting and as a result of this – I wrote her her own handwritten letter which give her adoration for her talents, and she tweeted me back after reading it with her approval! RESULT!
  • Kamran has a MASSIVE musical obsession with the queen, Missy Elliott! Other artists that he truly admires and would do anything for include Prince, Brandy, Aaliyah, Beyonce, MIA, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

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