About Me

From a young age, Kamran Assadi always had that creative streak. He loves creativity and is always looking for more ways to inspire and influence himself and others in a positive manner with the talents that God has given him.

From a young age, he has always had that mad creative streak in him! Throughout his life, he have tried to find what creative talents he had and which ones he wanted to enhance and pursue!

In school, he found it was acting! He loved drama and loved increasing his knowledge about the acting profession, and also growing as an actor and performer! It was fun and he carried on studying drama and acting up to university level.

After university, he carried on acting, landing the main role in a new play called Origin: Unknown written by Daniel Taylor (Theatre Royal Stratford East) and an ethnic minority adaptation of The Crucible with Talawa Theatre Company (Drill Hall Theatre).

However, it was his mother’s passing that strongly built his creative foundation. She was his rock, his strength and his inspiration! Kamran felt he needed to release that tension and grief, and honour her. Through this, he found another passion from within in writing poetry. It felt real and therapeutic. The first poem he wrote was on a Creative Writing class he attended taught by Efua Sey Koi-Larbi. It was simply titled Mum in tribute to her, and since then he has never looked back!

Kamran is an openly creative being who is open to working and collaborating with different and unique people. All he cares about is the art and learning about and developing his crafts and talents. Being creative in all aspects is what he lives for- without creativity he is nothing!

His journey has been so vast and has taken him into the fields of journalism, poetry and marketing with much success through his many achievements in each field.

You can find out more about each of these fields by clicking the following links below:


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